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 Last Week Tonight  Community  Vice Homeland
Game of Thrones House of Cards
The Big Bang Theory
American Horror Story
The Walking Dead

Am terminat: Carnivale, Rome, Six Feet Under, Twin Peaks, Veronica Mars, Traveler, Life on Mars (US), Jericho, Life, Privileged, Prison Break, The Lost Room, Pushing Daisies, 5ive Days Till Midnight, Angels in America, Dead Set, Journeyman, Day Break, The Job, Harper’s Island, Kings, Extras, Psychoville, New Amsterdam, The Philanthropist, Dollhouse, Eastwick, Crash, Heroes, Lost, FlashForward, The Tudors, Happy Town, Persons Unknown, Lie to Me, V, Rescue Me, The River, Desperate Housewives, Weeds, Damages, Fringe, 666 Park Avenue, Being Human, Going Postal, The White Queen, Dexter, Fortunes of War, Soul Music, Californication, How I Met Your Mother, Psych, Play It Again Dick, Parks & Recreation.

Am mai vazut o parte din: 24, Eureka, House, Kyle XY, The 4400, Cupid, Breaking Bad, Nip/Tuck, 90210, Gossip Girl, The Event, United States of Tara, Pretty Little Liars, Skins, Leverage, White Collar, Castle, Supernatural, Misfits, Arrow, Under the Dome,  The Following, Mob City, intrerupandu-le din diverse motive (most of all, I got bored).

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113 comentarii pentru “My TV Shows”

  1. aghi spune:

    Da…sa te uiti am terminat toate cele 10 ep…azi, daca am timp, ma uit la Cupid:) Revin cu pareri:P

  2. aghi spune:

    Cupid mi s-a parut un serial lejer,nici bun,nici rau.Just average…

  3. honeybunny spune:

    Mda, nu iti lasa nici o idee dupa ce se termina :))

  4. aghi spune:

    5ive.Days.To.Midnight pare foarte ok dupa 2 episoade

  5. honeybunny spune:

    dap, nu e rau.

  6. Ady spune:

    Incearca si 18 to Life si vezi daca iti place. :D

  7. Tommy spune:

    Please HELP I need the 7th HEaven subtitles! Please! Make it!

  8. honeybunny spune:

    Are you for real? :| Sorry, I can’t do them.

  9. c-3po spune:

    Just a recommendation:

    “An Idiot Abroad” is a hilarious new show, do watch it!

    BTW, love your work HB, keep it up!

  10. coolmint spune:

    Hello. Many times when I download a new T.V. series to watch such as Dexter, Parks and Recreation, and It’s Always Sunny, your subtitles are already included with the download. I just wanted to thank you because your subtitles are always in sync with the video, and don’t have any errors. I appreciate what you’re doing.

  11. honeybunny spune:

    I am glad to help :)

  12. pete spune:

    HB… how r u?
    Could you do the subs for “The Last Kingdom”?… thanking you a lot lot…

  13. honeybunny spune:

    Hey. The subs will be done after the show airs. Check the comments on the first episode. Thanks.


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